Mobile Home Park Leases

Hi There, This week, I will be purchasing my first Mobile Home Park in Florida. This is a smaller park where most of the tenants will be on a lot lease, and three will be on a lease to own. Currently, the previous owner mentioned that the tenants have lived in this park for 10 to 20+ years and there are no problems with tenants except that he only received half of the signed leases from the tenants at the park. He did not push the issue with the leases due to the tenants paying on time. I would really like to have all tenants sign with me once ownership has changed. My question is what steps should I take to make sure tenants sign the new lease, and what if one of our tenants refuses to sign a lease when we currently have no other lease on them? It seems to me that this would be considered squating but I don’t know for sure. Worst case scenario, If this ends up being a big ordeal, again does anyone have steps on how to get this type

Florida has some very significant laws regarding leases, as well as an item called the “Prospectus”. Before you do anything, contact the Florida Manufactured Housing Association and get the facts regarding leases and the Prospectus. This is not something you can make a decision on without the material facts.

Thanks so much for the tip I will call them today and look into it.