Mobile Home Park Insurance options

Can anyone recommend a few additional options for Mobile Home Park insurance? We’ve been using Kurt Kelley for a number of years and have had a great experience, but we have a policy coming up for renewal and would like to shop it to ensure we’re getting the best pricing/coverage.



Kevin -

You might also try:
Jason Greenfelder



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We insure our parks through a company call EMC. they have a special park program that has a dividend program. We have not found anyone yet that is able to even come close to the premiums we pay. In pennsylvania the EMC program is only availble through agents that are Keystone Insurers group agents. I am interested to see who else comments and where they are insuring through.

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@Jefferson , thanks for the suggestion! I’ll reach out to Jason tomorrow.

@shoen4u1, would you mind sharing your agents name/number so I can call and get the details on the park program? I see that EMC has many agents throughout the US and my guess is that a good portion of them might not be familiar with the park program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Bob best from beels insurance in knox pennsylvania 814-797-1121