Mobile Home Park grandfather clause

I’m in the process of purchasing a older mobile home park on 8 acres that was never properly zoned MHP but only multi-family. There are currently 20+ homes on site but many are coming near the end of their life. I could invest $15,000-$20,000 into fixing the units if need be but I would prefer to bring in new ones of course. Is there a letter to send to my local county administrators that I can ensure they will allow me to replace the homes without trouble. The community has tightened down on MHP and are not in found of them but this project would improve the area dramatically. Thoughts? If anyone has such a letter and the best person/ office to sign it?
Thank you

Hi Luke, check with the zoning department at the city. Also, search this forum as there are TONS of threads on this topic. Good luck!

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We have a mh park that is zoned multi family it has been a mh park for over 50 years since we purchased park city will not let us get permits to move any trailers on empty spaces said it is non confirming use and if any leave or burn down we can’t replace any suggestion

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Get a good attorney (one specializing in zoning) to speak with the city’s attorney. The city should not be allowed to restrict your usage of the property as a MHP.

Thanks we have attorney on it maybe zoning attorney might help


You should immediately contact HUD.

This is housing discrimination. Most MHP residents qualify as a protected class. The HUD has been taking action against local municipalities who are Zoning MHP our of business.

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Any updates on your park?

How did things turnout?