Mobile home park development

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I am writing seeking information and suggestions on my idea of developing a mobile home park. i have land i purchased in mississippi…approx 25 acres…looking at devloping into a park…does anyone know of books, tapes, cd’s or are there any seasoned people with ideas or suggestions. all ideas and suggestions welcomed. i am new to this forum and looking to do my own thing


donna j

Check out Dyches Boddiford’s website:

He’s developed a ton of info regarding MHs. Look especially for “Deals in Dirt”

George Allen has written a textbook on the subject:

Development, Marketing & Operation of Manufactured Home Communities

Its an interesting read- a real eye opener to see all the issues and research that goes into such a project. Definitely not something I’d want to undertake without a large quantity of time and capital.


My experience is not in the developing of the land but after the fact. Once the lots are prepped and ready for a home is when I step in. The last development I was on was ready for homes in 2003. The developer knew nothing about the manufactured home industry, this was his downfall. Without having a staff person or consultant from the industry he had vacant land for two years and some model homes installed (out of pocket money) that sat for that time. I stepped in on the project in July of 2005 and by June of 2006 sold 16 of 39 home sites. This is an “Air Space” condo project, 55+ community where you purchase the lot. I did find that the “Baby Boomers” are looking to downsize, but at the same time purchase land oppose to lease. The land you have is worth more than you know, hopefully you will be able to obtain building permits for such as project.

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