Mobile Home Park Deal

-35 spaces pay rent, about 10+ empty lots (which are probably worth $0)
-Lot rent is $305
-2014 Gross revenue was ~$110,000 (bad collections)
-Park has submetered water / sewer
-City Utilities
-24,000 population city
-No Park Owned Homes
-Good location. About 4,000 feet from Walmart, Lowes, Starbucks, Dollar Tree, Restaurants, Car Dealership, etc.
-The 7 other MHPs in the town have rents at $360-$370, $350, $340, $375-$395, $360-$370, and 3 I don’t know the price (no answer). Rents are on the low side and haven’t been changed in 5+ years.

-Using the Frank and Dave formula of ~70 times monthly lot rent, the estimated value would be $771,000, at 60 it would be $661,000.
-It is under contract for about 45 times monthly rent

-I need a partner or someone that wants the contract. I have another project that is taking up most of my free cash and the bank does not love that I am self employed.

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We’d be open to partnering, or paying a referral fee.


I am interested in this deal. Please contact me at Thanks.

If the park is located in the west coast states (CA, OR and WA), I would be interested. Open to partnering or pay referral fee. Can be reached at


I’m interested in talking to you about this park.

Alec Stephens

Just curious if this deal closed or not… anybody got the scoop?