Mobile Home Park Deal Evaluator (MHU Deal Evaluator) Question

Hi everyone,

I’m using Frank and Dave’s MHU Deal Evaluator. I’ve watched the video @eric siragusa created a few times as well.
I’m having a hard time understanding a few parts of the spreadsheet. I was wondering - were there any investors out there that were using the spreadsheet on a regular basis and could help me with a few questions?

Most of my questions deal with the parts involving Park Owned Homes:

Screenshots of my questions

I put a link (above) with some of my questions. If anyone has a moment to take a look at and help out, I’d appreciate it.

Hello - would you mind sharing the evaluator and video link? The evaluator I have from signing up for the boot camp looks a bit different from those photos

I would also like the video link.

@MobileParkMan @GJS That sheet is propriety and only available to those who have attended the boot camp. Please don’t post links/videos of these property files. We are always happy to help on the back end with any questions you may have.


My apologies.
If you guys need the link, reach out to Brandon directly.

Hey Brandon - I’m signed up for the Austin bootcamp this year - would you mind sharing that info with me?

Shoot me an email at