Mobile Home Park Curfews

I received a question from a park owner about mobile home park curfews and more specifically having the park owner set a curfew on the children of the residents.

Quick research on Google tells me that curfews are not allowed under fair housing. You need to take that out of your rules immediately. You can only enforce a curfew enacted by a city. Cities are allowed to have curfews – it is not descrimination for them to have a curfew. If the city has a curfew, and there are kids on the street in your park, you should call the police and make it their issue and not the park’s.

If anyone has any thoughts on this we are all ears. You might check your leases and rules to make sure you are not in violation. There are a few court cases where owners have been successfully sued for up to $25,000 for just having the curfew in the lease.

Dave Reynolds