Mobile Home Park Boot Camp...Knowledge Is Power

My Husband and I were blessed to have the opportunity to attend Frank’s Mobile Home Park Boot Camp this past weekend.A ‘Big Thank You’ to Frank, Brandon, Kirsten & Todd for all your knowledge and help!  We greatly appreciate it!If you are considering purchasing a Mobile Home Park, the Mobile Home Park Boot Camp is a must.My Husband and I own two Mobile Home Parks and we loved every minute of the Mobile Home Boot Camp.Frank and Todd are very knowledgeable and entertaining.Frank would speak all day long and arrange Lunches and Dinners for the conversation to continue (which is impressive…I say this because one of my former jobs was teaching computer software to Non-Profits).My Husband had the opportunity to speak to Frank and other attendees at the Lunches and Dinners.  The only reason we have not attended the Boot Camp earlier is because we have 3 boys (8 years old and under).  Thus, getting childcare was our barrier to attending.We highly encourage you to attend (we do not receive any compensation for this endorsement :-).We just know that the Boot Camp was very informative and we would love to have others gain from this experience.We wish you the very best!

Thanks for the update and insight, Kristin. I’m looking forward to the Jan 9-11 BC next year and hoping to learn a lot. If F&D are not paying you for the above endorsement, they should be, haha! Anyway, learning is one of my favorite things and it looks like the MHP business is shaping up to be the perfect retirement job for me. The income is way cool, too.

Also, after reading F&D’s book on the 10/20 system and all of the smelly deals they ran into it seemed clear to me that the BC was the only way to go, thus, I haven’t pursued any to date. Which reminds me, and maybe this is material for a new thread, does anyone out there specialize in difficult deals, bad parks, upside down parks, or parks with infrastructure problems? And thanks again.

Jim Allen

Jim, thanks for your post!You will have lots of fun at Boot Camp.

I will second what Kristin had to say about Frank and Todd’s presentation. I was pretty impressed with the whole weekend. Thank you Kristin and your husband for letting us see your park. I enjoyed meeting the both of you and putting faces with your input here. The information provided at the camp will be invaluable once I get my hands on a park, so many pitfalls can now be avoided. Thank you all who attended I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you!.. On a side note, for those of you who ate at La Fontana Italian Restaurant when their CC machine went down…Check your bank statement… They over charged me by more than $10.


Tony, you are very welcome!It was a pleasure meeting you and everyone at the Boot Camp!Tony, we wish you and everyone the very best!

I have to agree.  It was very informative. Money well spent,   It was great meeting everyone this past weekend.  

Does anyone know what weekend in January the LA 2015 boot camp will be held?

The class will be January 9th-11th near the Costa Mesa Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA. If you would like to register for it, call me at 970-856-4070.