Mobile Home Millions 5 - Get ready for the most AMAZING 3 days EVER!

Steve and I cannot wait to see everybody this weekend! So much has happened since MHM IV in Orlando and we can’t wait to hear all of the success stories!

We have so much planned for the weekend! Just make sure and take off Monday and Tuesday to recuperate! MHM 5 will be the largest event of its kind… EVER!

Get ready to network with 500 people just like yourself… on their way to becoming financially free! If you are not on your path to financial freedom already, make sure and search out Lonnie at MHM 5… he will give you a few choice words that will get you back on your path quick! :slight_smile:

San Diego is such a dynamic city as well! I hope that everybody can take advantage of the “Gaslamp District” (probably one of the best downtown’s in the country in terms of entertainment, fine dining, and a great atmosphere that extends 20 city blocks!) Don’t forget to make you way down to the beach as well! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to personally meet each and every one of you! It is a long weekend so we will definitely share a lot of face to face time! I am convinced that there are no better investors in the entire real estate world than mobile home park investors. Mobile home/mobile home park investors are definitely a rare breed… always willing to help others, eager to share information and love hearing/helping others achieve their dreams of financial independence! There will be so many mobile home/mobile home park investors that have given back so much to others at MHM 5!

Have a safe trip to San Diego and I will see you at the greatest event EVER put on in the Mobile Home Park Industry… MHM 5!