Mobile home land for sale

I have a couple rather unusual questions.

  1. I’m interested in buying a small plot of land for a portable home that is not too far from a metro area with an airport. I’m wondering if there is such a thing that exists of mobile home park lots that are owned by the residents and governed by an association. If so, how could I find one and see if a lot is for sale?

  2. I’m interested in finding land to put a yurt to live in part-time. I would need to build a deck with a storage area underneath to put the yurt on and would want access to water and electricity while I would use a composting toilet. How can I find a mobile home park that would allow this form of portable housing? [I’m asking this because land that I would normally be able to put such a structure on is too rural for me to access an airport easily which I need for my work.] Note: yurts are an acceptable form of alternative housing in many communities, but are usually thought of as more portable than not and don’t comply with most residential building codes for size, etc.

I’ve already checked into rv lots and run into living issues there as I would want yearly rather than seasonal access and am more interested in a stable community than vacationers and a resort atmosphere with their strict rules. Plus, once the yurt is set up, I really don’t want to think of taking it down and moving it for the most part in the same way that most people do not really want to move their mobile home.

Thank you for any insight you might have.