Mobile home investing in CA


I’m interested in doing Lonnie deals in my area but lot rents are $1K to $1,700. Can Lonnie deals work in my area? Thanks!


Lonnie deals only work in other areas.
Never yours!

Seriously, run the numbers.
But the real money is in the MHP, not the MH notes.

Mike Weiss

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Real estate investing can work anywhere. You simply build the carrying cost into your formula. Knowing your market is always the key to real estate investing. You need to target sellers that are desperate and be able to accurately estimate the length of time you will likely have to carry the property.
You may have to target homes requiring extensive reno work to get the numbers to work better.

If you are interested in California’s property market, check this research House prices, rental rates and yields on America’s top residential markets In a nutshell: residential property markets in the Californian cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Riverside all demonstrated price growth well above the American average.