Mobile home interior designing with Rugs

Happy to know this forum with my friend. We just bought a mobile home and kind of having a hard time designing it. It has a different components of good interior design except patterns and lines and I think rugs can make help on this prob. We are from Minnesota and just visited known Cyrus Artisan Rugs at Minneapolis - lots of various collections. I’m not a fan of rug but I started to appreciate it since then - their online site, so anyone with the same interest can browse it online

So any pro tips? Is it worth it to invest on luxury rugs for superb interior design. Thanks

Lou, I too see the value in rugs but not anything close to designer. Walmart has worked great and rental homes it definitely serves its purpose. If you want a designer rug in your personal residence that’s your decision but I’d recommend steering far away from them for rentals. Unless you like throwing money away.

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