Mobile Home Insurance

We buy mobile homes to fix up and sale. Their is a period time that they will be vacant (4 to 12 weeks). Who do you recommend to insure it during this time? The mobile home is tied down and secure during this time and will remain in the same place we bought it until it is sold. Thanks for your help.

I usually self-insure now, but when I was first starting out, and had no leeway if something happened, I would insure every vacant MH. I used Foremost, and it cost $250 for 6 months, and there was no discount if I sold it before 6 months was up. I just counted that as a cost of doing the deal.

I haven’t thought about insuring MHsfor years now, even when they’re vacant for months. My MHs are in nice, quiet parks, and I even leave the doors unlocked all the time so that if someone wants to buy them I just tell them to walk inside, pick up an application and FAX it in. I wouldn’t do that in a park that was sketchy.