Mobile Home Infill

I have two parks in Iowa and Texas. I recently was denied from the CASH lending program because of lack of liquidity and I know there are people who specialize in infill and they will do it for you.

Does anyone have any contacts for people that can fill in these parks? There are about 15 vacancies in total and I am looking to buy another park with around 25 vacancies.

Thanks in advance

Infill isnt easy. You’ll likely need to hire a skilled (well paid) manager with experience in MHP infill. There isn’t many of them.

Alternatively just do it yourself. It’s time consuming, expensive and painful at times. Simple, but not easy.

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Yea I am fine with the process of infilling. I mostly need assistance with the financing behind getting homes in.

I already have a waitlist at both communities and the systems in place. Just need someone who can actually get the homes in the property.

You want to contact me? I know how to do infill and how to get the homes in. Want to talk?

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BarbraM, I can use your help too. I am about to go into contract on a large MHP with plenty of infill need. Please let me know if your available.

If by chance you are in NE Indiana or NW Ohio my team can help.

I need help to infill my park too, I would like to learn more from you. Thank you kech

I sent a message privately.

I didn’t see your message?