Mobile home foundations and extending pads

So my park was built in the 1950s and every pad in the park is too small to fit a modern home on it. Any recommendations on how to go about extending the pads?
-Do you use a concrete contractor to go about it?
-Do you go with a specialist foundation company?
-The township is extremely nit picky and is pressuring me to have the pad extension have frost protected piers. I know nothing about this stuff, but that seems silly if the original pad wasn’t designed in such a way. Any thoughts or insights? The park is in Michigan.

Noel, we’ve been adding concrete to some of the pads in our park in Michigan. We found a good concrete/asphalt company to do the work on each of these. The township inspector has told us we are required to add “to what’s existing”. So since we have full concrete pads, that’s what we had to add to. If you have runners or peirs, then I’m pretty sure you could add to that. And its typical that if you pour peirs that they will pour them deep enough to be below the frost line. You could also have the contractor talk directly with the inspector and make sure he’s ok with your proposal before spending any money.

I would research as to whether the existing pads can be removed and piers be installed.
If not then my policy is always to do exactly what the township wants. You do not want to offend the township officials by challenging their decisions. You need to develop a good working relationship going forward.
Read up on the building codes and simply locate a contractor experienced with concrete work that understands what it is you need done.