Mobile home- biohazard

We recently suffered a tragic situation at our MHP earlier this week and wanted to see if anyone has experience with this. One of our residents committed suicide with a shotgun in one of our rentals. Something of this magnitude has never happend in the park before. The situation was very public and everyone in the small town knows about it. It also involved quite a few police from various departments, since the tenant was also just accused of a crime involving children (which we just found out about as well). So I have several problems:

  1. We want to have some sort of closure for the park as a whole, and thought a service by the local pastor would be useful, but no one wants to come due to the allegations against the tenant

  2. Insurance says the house is a total loss due to the possibility of bio-hazard, and will pay us $15,000 to total the singlewide. The subflooring and bathroom fixtures would need to be gutted, and I don’t know if anyone in the town would actually rent it or buy it given the history.

What does one do with a community and house that has had something like this happens? Is the house at all salveageble? If not, how do you dispose of it considering the possible health problems?

Any and all ideas are welcome.

Sounds like you already have a very good option. Take the 15G’s ,pay a cleanup company to come in and clean up the biohazard, then have the home torn down and scrap everything. Start over with a used home.


Many years ago (about 20), I was given a singlewide mobile that someone had been murdered in. In fact the mattress that had the event, & the fluids from same was still there.

I gave the home to a buddy, & charged him $500.00 to help him break it, & move it for him.

He did not care about the history, & we put the mattress in the park dumpster on the way out.

Take the 15G and advertize a “free home”, “hunting camp”, “storage trailer” or spend the money to haul it to the landfill, or demo it & fill a couple of rolloff dumpsters.

By far giving it away may be your best shot. You might find a non profit to gift it to for a tax break.

$ .02