Mobile Home as storage unit

Has anyone turned a mobile home into a storage unit for tenants to rent? I have an end lot that has an older home, that is decent looking on the exterior, however, the lot floods. Because of the flooding, I don’t want to rent it or rent-to-own it as you really can’t keep anything in the yard. It only floods during bigger storms, and it’s about 6" deep at the worst. The home has been sitting vacant for 4 years and no utilities are hooked up. What are your thoughts on stripping the inside and turning it into storage units to rent out to tenants? It’s a 14x66, so I could get four 11x10 units in the middle and two 14x11 units on the ends, which leaves a 48" hallway. Thanks

Love the idea! I May do the same.

We’ve used homes for storage.
We actually use one 14x70 for our maintenance team to store supplies. Like a large shed.
We also were able to show pictures to the county assessor and the property taxes got lowered because it is not used as a home, just storage.

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In some jurisdictions it is illegal.

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Great idea.
Maybe also provide 5’x5’ U it’s (?)

If the lot floods, how will you prevent the storage units from flooding?