Mobile home addition

I have some tenants who are not the gold star tenants who have asked to build an large addition on to their mobile home. (12-14’ wide and 12-20’ long). This would knock out an empty lot. They offered to pay more but I don’t feel that this is a good idea for multiple reasons. Of course the best reason would be to blame the law or insurance.

I’m looking for laws or regulations about this in the state code, and I don’t see anything. Any suggestions on where to look? (Illinois) I have one tenant with a small bump out that perfectly matches her home and appears factory created, as far as I know it’s done well and it’s probably only 6-8’ wide.

I would turn to city ordinances on your lot setbacks. They are not allowed to build over those or the city will have them tear it down. Get a letter from the code enforcement department if that will help shut the door on it.

Your rules should already have something about this as well - porches and external structures shall be limited to XYZ in size and be approved by Park management prior to construction.

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