Missouri evictions

I just bought a park in Missouri, and will have to file evictions soon, so I called the circuit court office, and they said that if your filing in the name of an LLC, you must use an attorney, you can’t file it yourself.

Seems strange, we’ve always filed out own evictions in Texas. Does anyone have experience with evictions in Missouri and have experienced the same restrictions? Not sure if its state-wide, this is in Andrew County.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an attorney to file these? The eviction filings are so simple - there’s not much to mess up, so I think we’ll just want the cheapest attorney possible.

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We have two parks in Missouri- Laclede county. Same issue. We’ve investigated this problem. In state of MO you have to use an attorney to file an eviction believe it or not, you can’t file yourself. Doesn’t make any sense. Find the cheapest local attorney to handle it, that’s what we’re doing.

We started adding in understanding who can file evictions for due diligence.

Good luck.

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The process is similar in the neighboring state of Illinois. You’ll require an attorney to represent your LLC; although it may be more expensive, they ensure the job is done efficiently. Contact your local title company for a referral, or reach out to another MHP in the area to inquire about the attorneys they used for evictions. Additionally, you can call the court clerk and inquire about attorneys who have handled the most eviction cases. While sometimes they may not disclose, other times they may provide helpful information.

Dang, that’s what I suspected. I did end up reaching out to a mobile home park nearby and they gave me a good reference for the lawyer they use. $350 for filing, not completely unreasonable.