Missing Cashier's Check - How To Handle It?

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A tenant claims we’ve lost his rent check this month (a cashier’s check). He claims to have the stub/receipt of the cashier’s check.

How should we handle this situation?

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I have had several tenants lose money orders over the years. Only a couple of tenants and good tenants at that. In each case they had to call and check to see if the money order had been cancelled then put a stop on it. It cost them some money to do this and it took several weeks before they received another one.

In the last case that I can recall it was a section 8 tenant who has been with me for 5 years. She did all the leg work and I got paid but it took about 6 weeks or so. Her portion of the rent was $94 so I received the bulk of my rent on the first of the month from section 8 itself.

I am assuming that a cashiers check would be handled in a similar manner.

Put the onus on them. If they need to borrow the money until they can get reimbursed by the bank then that is their problem. If you did not receive the rent you have no choice but to proceed as you normal would if rent went unpaid. If this tenant has an excellent track record with you then perhaps you can work with them somehow (ex. get them to borrow part of the rent from someone else until they reimbursed).

Just because they got the stub does not mean it was made out to or mailed to you I am guessing.