Minimum Distance Between Homes

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In Michigan, our LARA code book requires new developments to have minimum of 20’ separation between homes, but it says that parks constructed before 1979 are pretty much grandfathered in. I assume it is up to the building department codes but not sure. Anyone have any knowledge of this, particularly in Michigan.

Thanks, Joel

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We have 2 parks in Michigan built before 1979 and both local municipalities require a 10 foot setback from other homes.

I had to go through this exercise in Maine. It maybe similar but for my grandfathered park, I had to meet the fire marshal code for safety and not the city ordinance for separation distances. In my case its based off the national fire and safety standards in publication NFPA No. 501A, 1982 Standard for Fire Safety Criteria, Mobile Home Installations, Sites and Communities.

For separation it states:

No portion of a manufactured home, excluding the hitch, shall be located closer than 10 feet

(3 meters) side to side, 8 feet (2.4 meters) end to side, or 6 feet (1.8 meters) end to end horizontally

from any other manufactured home or community building unless the exposed composite walls

and roof of either structure are without openings and constructed of materials that will provide a

1 hour fire-resistance rating or the structures are separated by a 1 hour fire-rated barrier.

Hope that helps, your area maybe different but its going to be complete dependent on what the fire and safety codes are.

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