Military Specials / Move-in Specials

Friends -

Do you offer ‘military specials?’ Or any move-in specials of any type? I’ve been reticent to offer something like a ‘$99 move-in special’ for fear of the even-more-cash-strapped-than-usual clientele it would attract. I’ve been sticking with a minimum $500 security deposit plus first month’s rent, and I stay pretty full with that.

That said, I did have someone ask about a military special, and I like the military and want to treat them right. A military person would also generally make a good park manager (not that I have any need for one right now.)



If you’re doing fine without the specials, don’t create one, as it will just make all the people already in the park mad that they didn’t get it.

While I don’t think someone’s military status falls under Fair Housing, any time you seek out one type of tenant, it smells like discrimination to everybody else, even if that was not the intention. It’s a whole lot easier to just offer the same deal to everyone and, if the Fair Housing people ever show up, you’ll have nothing to worry about. At the end of the day, Fair Housing is easy to follow - just treat everyone identically.