Midwest vs Southwest, are there differences?

I currently own 2 mobile home parks in the Midwest, Central Mn. I have recently discovered a mobile home park in Nevada that the seller is thinking about selling. Just wondering how much difference there is in running a mobile home park in the Southwest part of the country vs. midwest. The first thing that comes to my mind is less problems with freezing water. I’m sure there are more pros and cons that I need to be thinking about.
What are the differences from an owners perspective?

We’ve owned parks in both regions. You’re right weather is certainly less of a concern in the southwest. Almost all of the homes are ground set, so that saves you quite a bit on concrete pad expenses. Rents are also quite a bit higher than the Midwest, I’d say in the magnitude of $150-$200 on average. There are also many cities in the southwest which are promoting water conservation efforts, so metering and billing back for water and helping residents reduce consumption is emphasized. Also we tend to xeriscape the landscaping and minimize irrigation needs in this area.

We have MHP sub-metering clients through out the US.

Sub-metering is just right thing to do:

  1. Proactively locate wastes and leaks,
  2. Fulfills Governmental mandates/ water restrictions,
  3. Allow residents to help mitigate future rental increases.

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