MHU forum now buy/sell site?

What happened to the great Newsletter with all the for sale ads at the END? [for you buyer/sellers to peruse} The advice here is great to compare to my own years of experience but its seems to be turning into a buy/sell site more and more.


typically moderators should throw these into a Buy Sell section, but I agree it’s getting to spam proportions. @brandon_reynolds any advice how to get control of this?


Not sure I understand your question?

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I think they may be asking for a separate section on this forum for assignments/deals


Was the intent of the forum to have tons of parks for sale as part of threads? If not, how does that get cleaned up?

Many people thought this forum is for helping people and that the buying and selling would happen with your marketplace.


We do let others list assignments and deals here. If there is any spam or “scam” listings, we will definitely take a look and remove them if they are reported!


I agree - much better to limit the forum to discussion of MHPs as opposed to specific listings. There is a time and place for those; not here. On the flip side, I have gotten a lot out of the other posts and the MHP forum is a great resource for education and discussion especially during this time of COVID. I’m on 15-20 min each day, super good way to keep in touch.


I like that people can share properties that is are sale. It promotes conversation and interaction. Plus people can still benefit from learning in the threads. I think it is good for the forum’s overall health.


Doesnt appear its going to change so I guess the majority will continue to sift through the ads [spam]. Questions concerning transactions is entirely different than ‘I have a Park for sell, PM me.’

Some forum’s have ‘Sticky Topics’ that are specific to certain things; for example for this forum parks for sale would be a good sticky topic, covid, pit bull/dangerous dog breeds, etc. I don’t feel like the site is overwhelmed with buy/sell posts - it’s not hard is it to just scroll past them and other topics that may not be relevant.