MH's in Florida

I live in the Orlando area and am a newbie to MH’s investing but am very interested. I have read Lonnie’s books once about a year ago but am reading them again and listening to his tapes. My biggest concern is doing MH’s in Florida with the strict licensing. In the DOW books he talks about holding the notes but that sounds like I can’t do that in Florida w/o a license, and I am not real clear on the lease option. Could someone help explain how to do this? I would love to talk to someone who is doing these deals in FL and get their take on it.

Thanks a lot!

I live in Orlando and I am a newbie, too. I

Sandy, thanks for the info. I would appreciate anything you could send me. My e-mail is They don’t make it easy in Florida, do they?


Better than most states. My understanding of Alabama laws is that you need three licenses: installer, sales, and dealer. Also, there is no one day seminar.