MHP's in Florida

I am a park owner in North Carolina. HOwever, I am currently living in Florida (Tampa Area) and I am thinking about looking for some MHP purchase opportunities in Florida, more specifically South Central and South Florida.

While I am not a “newbie” to the MHP game, I am a “newbie” to the Florida MHP market.

Do any of you savvy Florida park owners have any advice or sage thoughts I should consider that might be unique to the Florida market that I may not have experienced in NC?




All FL MHP’s with more then 10 lots are subject to Florida Statutes Chapter 723. Be sure to familiarize yourself to it thoroughly. Here’s a link:>2007->Chapter%20723

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Thanks Karl,

I really appreciate it. I will donwnload the link and cut into it right away. That kind of knowledge as well as learning unique issues with such things as permits, zoning, insurance etc…is the challenge before me right now.

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I would be happy to answer any questions you have. I have been investing in Central Florida, Pinellas county for a few years. Mostly in 55 plus parks. Doing Lonnie deals. There are the good (less problems with people), the bad (most of the buyers want “nice” homes) and the ugly (lot rents around $500, is very common).

I have a few homes for sale, should you want to get your feet wet in this area (they come complete with residents (paying residents)).

And, maybe we can exchange ideas. I am moving to NC.

Feel free to contact me directly at