MHP's around Fort Benning

I am a real estate agent living close to Fort Benning. We are expecting tremendous growth (28,000 new people) over the next year mainly due to the BRAC Realignment (military restructuring) and believe our area is perfect for investors to make money.

I have a friend, Joel Smith, whose family has owned, bought & sold mobile home parks. Just this year we worked together on a $2.2M MHP in Auburn, AL right by Auburn University. That was so exciting and has really made me where I want to learn and do more. Joel has put together several other deals this year including MHPs, apartments, storage units, duplexes, etc.

Right now, we have an incredible opportunity with a HUGE upside on 3 MHP’s in Georgia. If you want more information, please call Joel @ 706-580-4883 or Kim @ 706-527-4578.

I would not ever buy in a military town again. One of my failed investments was in Killeen, TX home of Ft. Hood. The local real estate agents saw me coming and sold me apartment buildings with inflated rents and vacancy %'s as all the soldiers were on the base; once they deployed all the above changed and we ended up losing most of our money and traded for some worthless paintings and some land in Kingman, AZ


LOL Mike. You are taking no prisoners this morning.

I can’t say much for other realtors, but my goal is to treat people the same way I would want them to treat me and that’s the same way Joel works. A lot of folks have been messed over because of this market. But, our area is suppose to recover before most areas in this country.

If anyone wants to find out what’s going on around Columbus, GA, please call me or Joel. Joel knows all the commercial stuff and no one will try to talk you into anything.