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Friends -

I’ve used GoDaddy’s very rudimentary tool to put up my park’s new website. This is very ‘work-in-process,’ but it will form the basis of a professionally-designed website I hope to have up and running in two weeks. Before I make any more mistakes(!), I’d like your input on how to improve it.

If you have a moment, please check out my site at: and let me know how you’d improve it.

Also, if anyone has found a good web designer to recommend, please let us all know.

Many thanks,


It looks good. I would put more pictures of home…interiors are pretty hard to photograph , but I notice better response to those that have lots of pics. I would recommend putting your web address on all signage and newspaper ads. I use I really like their format.


Your website looks nice! I’ve been working on a website for our park the past few days, too. Hope you don’t mind if I “steal” a few ideas! I like the testimonial page you have.

My only suggestion would be to swap out the picture of the kitchen where there is what looks like two garbage bags filled with trash. Great picture- I would just get the trash out of it.

Thanks for sharing your site.

Jamie Richardson


Looks good!

Some input: $500 per month housing is a great start - I’d work on putting as much of that payment as possible into the dirt instead of the home. Now its 350 home and 150 dirt - I’d consider making less of a profit on the homes and put more of the payment into the dirt.

Let’s assume the dirt will sell in the future for a 9-10cap.

Let’s assume the notes are only worth 18-20% to a note buyer.

An extra 100 per month in dirt = 13,333 increase in equity.

Losing 100 per month in the home over a 10 year note at 12% = 6970.

By putting the money in the dirt you gain $6362 per lot in equity.

You may actually want to lose money on the homes for a nice write off while banking big equity in the land. All depends on what your market will bear and how good you can sell.

This tactic also helps “re-align” your current residents thinking because you are giving them a better deal then the new people. And when its time for lot rent increases you can show them that market value has been established by the new people allowing a potential 13K equity jump per lot.


Here is my park’s website. I did it myself via Yahoo business in a few hours. Cheap - only $12 a month including domain registration. Good thing is that the Yahoo is easy to work and I don’t have to ask a designer to update.

What do you think?


Looks nice! One suggestion - maybe consider replacing “tenant” with “resident” or “home owner”. Also, love “the Four Agreements”. Very cool.

I live “down east” from you 1/2 the year (MDI). If you ever find a nice big park ($3million+) please keep me in mind. Maybe we could JV it together or pay you a nice finders fee! Anyplace in Maine with a nearby airport will do.


my sister designs websites for all different types of businesses. Her cost I have been told is also reasonable. E mail me @tmhradman if you need her information.

Tenant wording change - Done! Thanks, it does sound better. Left it in park rules for now as “tenant” has legal implications. The Four Agreements was shamelessly derived from another fine poster thoughts on the subject.

Karl, you are living the dream - summers in Maine. Let’s talk offsite. I want another park.