MHP...Turnaround...A Day In The Life...2 Years Later...Cops & Guns?

My Husband and I own 2 MHPs:

  • MHP #1: Stable
  • MHP #2: Turnaround

Two years later and we are still ‘turning around’ our Turnaround MHP.

Normally, I am the office person (bills and deposits) and not in the MHP.

My Husband is normally the person physically in the MHP.

However, yesterday I met one of our Contractors to go through a MH we just purchased to renovate.

Yes, we really did not want to purchase another MH.

However, someone had been living in the MH and it is already setup in the MHP.

Thus, for $300 we are a proud owner of an old MH that needs to be renovated.

We are progressing toward getting our MH Dealer’s License, so in the future we can sell our Park Owned Homes.

After meeting the Contractor I went to get some pictures of one of our other renovated homes that we will list for rent.

On my way to that Mobile Home I saw one of our Tenants (tree trimmer who climbs trees with special equipment) and said “Hi” to him.

While we were talking (he is a talker) a white, SUV with Police Dog on it and an unmarked car drive up to the next door Mobile Home (which we actually own and rent to someone who lived in the MHP when we purchased it).

Of course the Tree Tenant and I were curious about what was going on, so we turned our attention next door.

As we were watching I see the one Police Officer with a bullet proof vest pull out his gun and bang on the door.

(Side Note: My Husband and I are middle class/college educated. We have never been arrested; we have never seen a bust in person; nor have we ever seen a Police Officer with his gun pulled.)

Unfortunately, my first thought was “Please do not bust down that door. That is our door and we will have to pay to replace it.”

Now, thinking back…I should have been more concerned about oh…the Tree Tenant or me being accidentally shot.

Thankfully, the Tree Tenant told the Police that those particular Tenants were not there and the one Police Officer put his gun away.

Later in the day I looked up our local jail to see if they had found this Tenant. (This is a new found talent that I learned after owning a MHP. Ah…the things you learn.)

Interesting, the local jail did have an inmate who was booked as of that day with that Tenant’s Name, but the inmate was like 20 years younger (not our Tenant or any of his relatives).

My Husband says “There is never a boring day in our MHP”.

Well, I have to concur…at least for our Turnaround MHP.

If you are considering a Turnaround MHP, please know that it is like a large container ship that needs to be unloaded, reloaded and physically turned around.

A Turnaround MHP takes longer to turn than one might expect.

We wish you the very best!



Your post made me smile. I’m in the middle of a turnaround deal as well and can absolutely relate to what you said. We just recently evicted a tenant that had not paid rent to us for nearly 4 months (long story) and as I reviewed some information from the previous owner of the park, found that this tenant had a delinquent balance of around 4,000 dollars. Basically he had not paid rent for the past 3 years. And he has been incredibly obnoxious to our property manager - even holding a small video camera in his hand while talking with the manager so that “everything is on record”. Big sigh of relief when this guy and his junk mobile home left the park.

Thanks for sharing


Robbie (@Rob_Mosher), thank you for your post!

I am glad that my post made you smile.

We feel your pain.

We can empathize and sympathize with you :smile:

I am glad that you were able to evict your Camera Recording Tenant.

Sometimes no Lot Rent is much better than a Bad Tenant with Lot Rent.

We wish you the very best!

Kristin, trust me you are not alone and it’s not just MHP’s. My wife and I started our real estate investing with multi family units mostly duplexes. One duplex pretty much runs itself and I haven’t had an issue there in 2 years. The one we purchased last year however has one tenant who has been an issue. Thankfully no law enforcement action as of yet but you never know.

I just look at it as a learning experience and to be very thankful for everything I have and that I don’t need to live like that.

As a landlord if you have not had at least one bad tenant and been through a eviction you have not been in the business long enough. The lower the social latter your tenant base the higher the probability.
If you have tenants on government assistance you probably had bad tenants from day one…

I never would have anticipated the things I’ve seen or had to learn about!