MHP transaction volume?

Hello all!

Some of you may know me - others will not. I am just a guy who helps folks identify and deal with environmental problems when buying commercial real estate, including MHP’s.

I am hoping to check the temperature of this group on a few things - primarily so that I can determine what 2010 might look for my business. Not necessarily the most scientific survey in the world, but more or less your off-the-cuff gut feeling about things.

Can you help with some or all of these?

  1. Do you think MHP transaction volume has been up, down, steady, or spotty? Why?

  2. Are things better or worse in various parts of the country? Why?

  3. What effect - if any - is the current economic situation having on deals?

  4. Do you think it has been harder to get financing lately?

  5. Most importantly, what do you think the future holds for the MHP Industry? Why?

Thanks in advance for any responses!!

Best Regards,

Dave VerSluis

(616) 678-5157