MHP Syndication with proven track record

I’m part of the investor relations team at one of the largest MHP syndications in the country and we’re on our fourth year of this syndication and over 20 years in the MHP space.

The last 3 years we’ve taken in around $80M in investment each year with over $200M each year in purchases. Unlike most syndications we have no intentions of selling these assets so the accelerated depreciation we return to investors in the ~120% range against investment in year one has minimal recourse liabilities with recapture.

Our overall strategy is to hit refinances on all parks in the syndication by year 6 with all principal returned to the investor and then we go to a 50/50 split where you’ll enjoy passive income in perpetuity as we will be aiming to hold the assets. We pay a 5% pref with all returns above that level going towards payback of principal until we hit refi’s on all properties in that years syndication.

Our minimum investment is $200K and you must be accredited to invest. If you’re interested in investing please reach out to me at Please also see our website at



Boavida is in fact a large group with a lot of resources but with that I would caution anyone that is dealing with them or planning to deal with them to move with extreme caution as things are not always as they seem.

HIRE A LAWYER to read the fine print.

For more detailed information please feel free to PM me.

I’ve been an investor with them for 4 years and like all investments you want to read through all the fine print which is as clean as they come with this group and they’ve fully outperformed all projections as well since inception of the syndication.