MHP rules and regulations in Kansas City

Just bought a park in Kansas City MO. Does anyone have summary knowledge on rules and regulations? Any advice?!?!? Much appreciated.

The Kansas/Missouri Manufactured Housing Association (MHA) should have this information pre-bundled and available for you at little or no cost. I reached out for the same info from the New Mexico MHA recently and received a ton of very useful PDF documents. Very easy process usually.

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Is it actually in the city of KCMO, or in one of its many suburbs such as Independence, Lee’s Summit, etc.? Or an unincorporated area in Jackson Co.? Where it is will dictate the rules of that area. For example, you should (have before buying) talk to the city/town/county planning and zoning department to see if it’s zoned properly or is a grandfathered “nonconforming use.” Meanwhile, you can search the city code for “mobile home” and “manufactured home” to see if there are codes specific to it. In addition, the state has landlord/tenant statutes, which may be unique for MHPs. For park-owned homes, the standard Landlord/Tenant law certainly applies, as does any local housing rental codes.

For those other than the poster: Learn from his/her lesson…this is all stuff you should check BEFORE you close, in your due diligence period.


Awesome, thank you, great resource.

Ha! Agreed, we are closing shortly and scrambling. It’s in KS zip code 64133. Zoning board has info. Kansas City Codes, with City Planning Michael Cottington 816 513 1511

Not sure if you’re still interested in that market but we have a 150+ space park in Kansas City for sale right now. Happy to discuss!

Don Vedeen

Very much. A little buried with two parks closing in June, but July is right around the corner!