MHP Owner charging residents for well water

Lately there’s been a lot of discussions regarding a MHP owner wanting to sub-meter their MHP and charge their tenants for owner supplied well water.

Obviously any water can be sub-metered, as long as the meter is for monitoring purposes. For example sewer cost allocation or to identify leaks.

Charging for private well water: Typically an owner of a private well can not bill the tenants for water usage, unless the owner of the well registers as a “Utility” through the states PUC, which comes with the same requirements a municipality supplied water. (including testing, rate approval based on the infrastructure cost and maintenance, etc…) So , if the private well supplies @ 100 homes then the additional bureaucracy might make since.

Alternatively, in some cases the cost of the service (not the actual water) can be passed through to the tenants.

With sub-metering of the municipality supplied water, the landlord is a “ Re-seller” of water with very little oversite from the states PUC.

Bottom line, the water usage is not suppose to be a source of profit to owner.

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