MHP management mastermind group

I was curious if any other park operators would be interested in forming a small mastermind to discuss park management. The ideal target would be operators managing 200-1000 lots. The main focus of the group would be to discuss nuts and bolts of park operations and management.

The structure would start off as meeting up once a month via video conference for an hour or so, and we could change that structure as appropriate.

If you might be interested in partaking in something like this please shoot me an email at with a brief introduction (number of lots, time in industry, etc)


Thanks for spear heading this, im not at that level but sending an inquiry.

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We aren’t park operators, however if you need 3rd party insight within the title side of things, just give us a shout. Happy to help provide value if you guys need any info we can provide.


@Deleted_User_ME, @Noel_S - Same here. We’re only at 40 spaces here, but I think it’s a good idea.

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We just purchased our first MHP in January and it is only 7 lots. I love the idea as well.

Just checking to see if the group ever got of the ground - would be interested is yes.

I’d be interested. Currently at 105 and if the 2 deals I’m on work out, I’ll soon be over 300.

interested and at that level

I’m interested currently operating 325 lots