MHP mailing list for Illinois & Indiana

I’m looking for a mailing list of MHP owners in the states of Illinois & Indiana. Any of you have any advice or recommendations for me?

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Have you checked with State Agencies for Public Directories of Mobile Home Park owners?

Here’s one for Illinois:

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Thank you for your help. I’ll see if I can find something for Indiana too.

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Hey Anytime MrLandman!

@MrLandman, you can find the list of Indiana MHP’s and their owner details here:

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Google for mobile home parks. Hire a student to do it creating a spreadsheet mailmerge file.

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I know other states have these as well. There isn’t a state by state directory somewhere is there? Some states I can find it through their department of health etc. and some I can’t find jack

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Not every state makes it easy to find directories. Some lists are under different agencies.

For example:

If you wanted a Florida List for Mobile Home Park Owners… you would search for it through their Dept. of Agriculture.

It takes a little digging, but “MOST” states have some kind of directory that is public, and if they don’t, you can always call around to different departments and see if they can sell you a list.

Every state has to keep track of their industries, some just do a better job of keeping it publicly available.

Some states may not provide every piece of information. Most won’t provide any emails, majority will give you a name, business name, address of the park and sometimes address of the owner.

It takes a little digging, but let me know what you’re looking for in specific and I’ll see if I can’t send you in the right direction.

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Little bit of time searching… New York doesn’t make it easy but I found something on MHP’s :

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Thank you Aaron! Digging indeed. I was able to find NY and then I lost it and forgot how I found it again. Specifically, I was looking for NY and PA. How did you know? LOL

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Great question Kyle and anytime! I looked you up on LinkedIn to connect and it said Greater New York area. I work a lot in the field of Business Development and Marketing. One of the things I am constantly doing is researching and compiling data.

When I started this gig back about 8 months ago, I had no idea where to find anything. I received a little guidance from a mentor and from there it has become a lot easier to find lists, names, numbers, addresses, etc. The best way to connect with individuals is to share value with them.

I am always wanting to help, so if there is any way I can help, just let me know Kyle. I see you are already taking the initiative to find your lists. There are some keywords you want to use when searching through google.

Public. Directory. Data. State. Mobile Home.

That keyword set should help you find more lists.

That makes sense. People are very easy to find these days. Thank you again for helping me out! I will try that

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Unfortunately but fortunately if that makes sense lol. Anytime, let me know if you need any help Kyle.

Sounds good, thanks Aaron!

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