MHP looking for a partner - great investment potential

I own a 24 MHP in S.C., I need a partner to rehab the down units. Need a cash partner. I have owned it for 5 years now, paid 475K, but needs an influx of cash asap.
Has a potiential to bring in 10K plus per month.
Have an evaluation done 2 years ago by a third party, has an ARV of 360K and a land value of 190K.
Balance owned on the note is 190K.
All homes are parked owned, so you get lot rent and home rent.

Email me for more details.

You may want to also go to any local real estate meetings to give you a shot of getting a local person to partner with who is familiar with the park.

Thanks for the info, but I am in Canada, and the MHP is in S.C., and I need the deal done on about 20 days. Yes, do have a local agent working on it, with a lead.

Hi E22,
I own a MHP and reside in SC. I’'d like to learn more about your project. Email me: Thanks.