MHP Lead Generation strategies

Yesterday, I tested one strategy that I had in my mind for couple days. I hired freelancer to post ad on Craigslist into all CL website of each state I plan to buy MHP. The ad was posted to Gigs (Domestic) section.

Title is “$1000 for leads. Mobile Home Parks for Sale” and the message

“I am looking for mobile home parks for sale. If you know any mobile home park for sale or you see sign for sale let me know. I will pay you referral fee $1000+ if I buy the property. Email me for more information.” Also, I add money picture. See the example below

I got 20+ emails by this morning from people who know a park for sale, who know owner and some people just curious how they can help.

Here are responses

What are you strategies to find leads?


This seems to be a good strategy. I would think one version of this strategy might work better in terms of saving time: pay significantly more (say $10K~ 50K depends on the park), if the prospects can help to purchase a park. I might end up to try this strategy in future.

@bridgeandbaseball I am just testing different strategies. Many people contacted me and even one commercial broker called me. I will keep everybody posted when I get a good lead out of this.

Hi Andriy! How did your CL strategy work? Did you get any leads? I am going to try it too. Thanks for sharing!

I am still getting leads. Most people are interested how they can be help. I have typical reply email to tell them what I am looking for. I got around 10 leads out of 100-150 received emails.

***Tip. Include in your ad something like “Please do not send us or me leads from loopnet and/or mobile home park store” I receive many emails with links to those sites.

thanks Andriy. I will include that sentence.

@Andriy_Boychuk, Andriy, I tried to hire a freelancer through Upwork (Odesk) to post the ad on CL in several cities, but Upwork did not allow me to hire someone because of a “policy violation”.

This is what Upwork said, “We’re writing because it appears as though a job you posted requests work considered spamming or deceptive by Upwork and other sites’ terms of services. Specifically, you want to post ads on Craigslist. This is against our Job Post policy, and the job has been removed.”

I followed up with Upwork, and explained it very clearly to the representative that I am recruiting for legitimate reasons, and not for spamming or deception. Still, Upwork did not allow me to hire a freelancer.

Any advice please? Where did you get your freelancer?

Thanks again!

@GJS I would suggest posting the job in such a way that you are looking for an assistant that has experience with writing, craigslist and real estate ad management. Then use that person to do the posting. You are posting legitimately but craigslist can be very strict and Upwork likely just doesn’t want to get in trouble with them. Sometimes Upwork is all about the wording.

Brandon Reynolds

@brandon_reynolds, thanks Brandon! I will give it a try.

@GJS I did not hire specific VA for the task. I have one already so I did not have the problem you do.

Also, you can try to hire VA from . If you like VA from Philippines, you should go to Philippines craigslist and post gig there.

@Andriy_Boychuk, thanks Andriy, I will give it a try.


Any deals you find and want to take an assignment fee on, let me know. We are looking to purchase another park right now. Thanks,

Robbie Mosher
robbie.mosher@gmail dot com

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