MHP Investment Home Study Course

Hello all,

I have seen a lot of people talk highly of the 30 days a due diligence book as well as the boot camp. Unfortunately at this moment the boot camp is slightly out of financial reach, but I have been seriously considering purchasing the home study course to start with. Have any of you purchased it, and what are you thoughts and experiences from it? I feel like the ROI from the knowledge I could gain from it would be well worth it. Just curious what some of you have to say. Thanks

do both, do whatever you can. better yet, get with some and offer to work for free that will offer you more value than the bootcamp ever will. While the bootcamp is great, real world experience with someone you want to be like always wins out

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And read the posts on this Forum. Best education there is to learn from others (before the school of hard knocks).


I don’t know what the cost of the study course is but it comes with the bootcamp. I agree with the others, just do it and ask and research questions here on the forum.

If you listen to Frank’s podcasts, you can hear his voice in your head while you’re reading the book.

Seriously, time and money to attend were an issue for me as well. Studying the course isn’t the same as the live class, but I thought it was a wise use of my time and money.

Also keep in mind black friday is right around the corner and they do a great deal on the boot camp, study course, etc.


Would like to hear from people who bought and went through the courses ‘The Most Complete and Realistic Mobile Home Park Investment Home Study Course’ from Frank Rolf, whether it’s worth it and if it really helped them in real life going into this business, or is it just some basic information I can get from Frank’s podcasts or from randomly articles online.

I read a lot online and likewis heared a lot Frank’s podcasts but I’m still having a lot of questions on the A-Z process in the Mobile Home Prak industry and would like to know whether this courses will give me some real clarification on this whole industry and provide me all the actual tools and information needed going into this business

Pls share your experience,
Thank you!

I have never looked at the Home Study Course but I am sure it is worth the very little money it costs.

But, if you are such a cheapskate that you don’t want to shell out that kind of money for that kind of self-study, I can tell you that the Boot Camp is definitely worth it and costs more. And if that’s not worth it, all the information is here in the Forum if you search diligently. But if you’ve got enough sense to think you can find it on your own you’ll have enough sense to realize it’s easier to pay the few $$$.

The “tools” are another matter – you have to go to the Boot Camp to get those I think.