MHP Investment Deal in PA, Financing Needed

Hello MHU,

My partner and I have an MHP deal under contract and are looking for financing. We are open to various structures for a win-win scenario. Quick details about the park:

Price: $770,000
Location: Pennsylvania, just outside of Harrisburg
Type: 55+ community

of lots: 63

of occupied lots: 33. 34th home just moved in.

POH: 16
Lot rent: $330 - at least $100 below market
Utilities: public
Tenants pay: water and electric

Current annual cash flow with rentals is $86,286 but expenses are very high - 67%. There are lots of value add opportunities here in terms of expense reduction, pass-through of sewer, rent raises & infill.

Looking to pay a specific interest rate or do a profit split…open to different structures.

If interested, you can contact us at : or call us at 484.346.0997

Thank you!

Would gladly consider providing capital on this. We are also open to mentoring or coaching if you are a new operator. Our corporate office is not far from this location. Please message me if you are still seeking capital.


Hi there,

Nice to meet you. We would be open to discussing further. What is the best way to contact you? Thanks.


Please reach out to on funding. Thank you

Hi John,

It sounds like you have a solid plan with cutting costs and increasing efficiency of the park. Have you considered other ways to increase value and draw in new tenants for TOH? Have a couple ideas that worked in the past and am looking to invest again. Please email me at