MHP Investment Deal in PA, Financing Needed

Hello MHU,

My partner and I have an MHP deal under contract and are looking for financing. We are open to various structures for a win-win scenario. Quick details about the park:

Price: $770,000
Location: Pennsylvania, just outside of Harrisburg
Type: 55+ community

of lots: 63

of occupied lots: 33. 34th home just moved in.

POH: 16
Lot rent: $330 - at least $100 below market
Utilities: public
Tenants pay: water and electric

Current annual cash flow with rentals is $86,286 but expenses are very high - 67%. There are lots of value add opportunities here in terms of expense reduction, pass-through of sewer, rent raises & infill.

Looking to pay a specific interest rate or do a profit split…open to different structures.

If interested, you can contact us at : or call us at 484.346.0997

Thank you!