MHP in Baldwin County, Alabama

I asked this question in a response to my own post – “I need MH park spaces.” I figure that I will receive a better response if it was its own post. So here it goes.

Does anyone on this forum own a MHP in Baldwin County, Alabama or knows someone who does? If so, please contact me at or on this forum.

who owns one in Troy, AL. This is approx. 2.5 hours from Fairhope (171 miles) They have empty spaces…who knows?

contact thru blogs on this site.

Jim and Ellen Brenn

Great folks…I would not hesitate to play in their Park if they asked and were in Florida!

Good luck to you,

Greg Meade

Hi im Dan (251) 945-5005 I have a mobile home park and rv park in baldwin county call me.


Please call me at 205-585-2750 or email me at