MHP Friendly States

What states in Midwest and south are considered park owner friendly? Love to hear from park owners. Thanks

I live in Ohio, which is emphatically not MHP friendly. I buy in Indiana, which is much more reasonable in re MHP.

I’m active in Oklahoma. I have no experience elsewhere to which to compare, but acquisition prices are reasonable here and the economy is still fairly strong. I hear Texas and Arkansas present similar economics and opportunities as well.

Two additional thoughts:

  1. My gut tells me you might almost do better in states not friendly to MHPs. That might mean limited competition and/or that there would be incentives for your competition to convert their properties to higher and better uses, leaving you with a more dominant position in the market.

  2. My gut also tells me you’ll do best wherever the economy is most healthy, regardless of government regulations.

My 2 cents worth,