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  • What is the best Fence Solution to stop outside people from busting fence to walk through Mobile Home Park?

One of our Mobile Home Parks has an Apartment Building on the side.

Unfortunately, the Apartment Tenants take out wooden slates in a Side Perimeter, Wooden, Privacy Fence so that they can walk through the Mobile Home Park.

We continuously pay our Contractor to repair the holes in the Wooden, Privacy Fence, but it is an ongoing issue.

  • Do you have any fence solutions to resolve this issue?

  • Are there better fence solutions than a Wooden Privacy Fence?

  • I am not a fan of Chain Link Fence (as it is not visually appealing to me & it can be cut to allow holes to walk through). Any other fence solutions?

  • Any other solutions?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

I’d let some ivy or vines cover the fence so that removing slats becomes more difficult (or have pretty flowers with bees on them). You could also opt to plant “sticker” bushes as well. Your local nursery can make some fast growing recommendations based on your climate, soils, etc. The life of the fence may be reduced a little as these vines will pull on the fence over time. We have had some on ours for 15 years though so it’s not a big deal IMHO.

At another property I have holly bushes that are taller than the fence and seems to work fairly well.

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@jhutson, thank you!

J. Hutson is correct – mother nature makes some of the best barriers on earth. But if it needs to be man-made, then go for the solid metal fencing they use to hide scrapyards. You build that stuff 8’ high and nobody on earth is going to get through without an acetylene torch. Combine that with mother nature’s prickly barriers and you’ve got a total solution. However, that type of fencing is not cheap, and then there’s also the problem with people going around it on either end. Also, the city may not even allow it. But painted Forest Service green, it’s actually decently attractive.

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@frankrolfe, thank you!

  • Has anyone used (or have knowledge of) an “Anti-Climb Fencing” like below?:


  • Or has anyone used (or have knowledge of) a “Mini-Mesh” Chain link fencing (website said it was harder to cut through) like below?:

I understand that the MHP is not a “High Security” installment.

Also, our budget might not allow a “High Security” fence.

However, I just do not want to spend money on a Wooden, Privacy Fence only to have the Apartment Tenants remove the wooden slates.

Thanks in advance for all your help and knowledge.

I’m with you – wooden privacy fencing is a terrible product for a mobile home park environment. It offers zero security, low longevity, looks terrible when you repair it – I would avoid it, too. We like white vinyl fencing, but it’s not good on security as you can knock holes through it. You are on to something with those two chain link alternatives. I’ve never heard of them but they look interesting. Post how much they are per linear foot.

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This might be an overly simple answer…

How about hog panel on the back or front side of your wooden fence. It has a 4"x8" heavy wire mesh 4ga., it comes in 50’ high by 16’ long and is cost effective at about $25 per panel. It would have to be securely fastened to the main fence posts to prevent it from being kicked out or ripped out (Structural screws). You could attach it to the front or back depending on the aesthetics. On the front of the boards it our greatly strengthen the fence from boards from being kicked or ripped out for a pass through and on the back it would make it so that they would have to use bolt cutters to get through the second layer. For added insurance you could put a layer of grease on the top of the fence to deter people from trying to climb it or on the hog panel to deter tampering.

I am guessing that there is only an area of fence 16’-32’ that would have to be reinforced to deter the cut through. From what you described your problem is more of nuisance trespasser looking for a short cut. If you make it annoying enough they will stop messing with the fence and walk around.

At $100-$200 dollars it is worth a try.

below is a link to an example hog panel for sale:

Structural screws (I like this one due to the uncommon spider drive bit used to install and remove them)

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If you’re intent on a fence solution you can also consider using used metal roof panels as per below. When patient and on Craigslist you can find panels for under $1.00 per foot - and can paint it whatever color you want after it’s installed.

You should be able to use the existing fence “structure” to support this if you remove the wooden slats.


Still consider planting some crap around it to deter people.


@frankrolfe & @Black3142 & @jhutson , thank you all for your responses!

We greatly appreciate it!

I would send tenants from my appartment building a letter telling them we’ve noticed some damage being done to the fence and have installed security cameras to monitor the fence. If damage is being done by someone from the apartment building that person or persons will be charged the cost of the repair (all monies received are applied first to late fees, Bill’s, back rent and then to current rent invoice).

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@Mickie, thank you for your response!

We greatly appreciate it!