MHP Evaluation - Expenses should include Rental/Credit Loss?

While considering an MHP Evaluation will the expenses percentage we consider (30% to 50%) includes Rental/credit loss? What would be the normal credit/Rental loss in MHP’s?Just have a few questions on your guidance.1) If the seller is willing to negotiate to 10% true cap rate is it worth consideration for a lot only park situated in 500 year flood plain map?Or is it not worth below 14%? 2) Will i get bank financing for 500 year flood plain deals?3) For the current park, heard that the city water, city sewer and electric are directly billed to the tenants. One more point to note is that there are city roads. What would be the expense in this case? Would it be 30% or 40%? What would be the typical maintenance items / maintenance cost in these types of parks?Thanks in advance for your guidance and I highly appreciate it.