MHP Electrical Upgrade Whole Community

Hello - looking for advice. I’ve recently been informed that my entire Illinois community needs electrical upgrade to upgrade from 60 amp to 100 amp service for all sites. No new electric can be connected prior to a system upgrade and we have 2 houses waiting right now. The electric engineers that I met with informed me that since we are a commercial enterprise, we are responsible for all costs except the transformer, junction boxes and the wire itself (which they will pay for). I must pay for all of the installation and conduit from the transformer to the junction boxes and from the junction boxes to the homes. Estimated cost for the property in its entirety is around $350K. Does this seem customary for the community owner to pay for the upgrade?

Secondly, are any of you aware of any help for owners in this situation - federal grants, loans available? Just trying to find a solution to a long term problem. Thanks for your advice.