MHP Development JV Partner Opportunity

In the early phases of planning a 120-130 lot MHP in the county (surrounded by city) in Dallas / Collin area. May be interested in teaming with someone who has been in the trenches more than I to ensure reaching high occupancy in the early years and avoiding as many major setbacks as possible. Great land, great area. Virtually no vacancies in the other parks in a 5 mile radius due to continuous strong growth and high demand for the 9 / 8 / 9 school districts.


Shoot me a note and we can explore options. We have experience expanding a park in San Antonio. We also know how to own/operate via hands on experience. This type of project appeals to us. I’m interested in discussing ideas with you.

Here’s my info:

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Great, I just left you a VM. Give me a shout at your convenience.
Thanks for touching base about your interest in the project.

Colton - I’m in the Tyler area. Would like to connect with you. Reach out to me. 512-585-4200