MHP Broker in Southeast Looking for Jr's

Hello everyone its Max your southeast MHP Broker!

Some of you know me for the deals I have listed and some of the stuff I send out to you (the crazy emails everyone loves). Anyways, The MHP Broker LLC/Marcus & Millichap are looking for agents to expand into TN and AL. I have a full time research team that researches every park in all the southern states and finds mailing addresses and phone numbers to park owners all across the southeast. Our technology is second to none and you can work out of your house as I have made the business to allow for people to be mobile and not tied down to having to go somewhere to work. You supply the ambition and I supply the infrastructure to help you get you on your feet. We do newsletters, post cards, and eBlast to all of the park owners that we communicate regularly and we find about 3-5 deals a week to work on for listings, buy them, or just refer them to other buyers for a commission. We are currently still working on the infrastructure so this may be a little pre-mature but I wanted to see if there were any takers on an opportunity like this. I cant guarantee you will make you money but I can guarantee you will learn something.

If you have any interest let me know as I am going to start building a list of potential candidates and when we are ready we will reach out to you to see if there is a match between us.

Thanks again and hope to hear from you!



Max -

Can you clarify your role? I had thought you were a broker, but your post above seems to indicate you buy deals direct for your own account.

Please let us know,


Hey Jefferson,

I am starting to purchase deals on occasion. Mostly deals that are easier to get into with owner financing or note purchases.