MHP broker/agent near Atlanta, GA recommendation?

I would appreciate if someone can recommend a responsive and experienced MHP broker/agent/consultant in near Atlanta, GA area! I have looked at the “Find a Broker” section and most listed under GA aren’t from GA and the ones from the state haven’t been responsive. Thanks!
– vilas

I suggest you Google MHP brokers in Atlanta. Also, go to Loopnet and search for MHP’s for sale in the Atlanta area; the parks for sale will likely be listed by a broker in the Atlanta market… do the same on the Mobile Home Park Store site.

Two sites I monitor, but haven’t done any work with them

Thanks for your suggestions.

I’ve worked with Max Baker at MHP Broker. I found him to be very responsive, knowledgeable about the Georgia market and hands on. He helped me get into my first deal.

Thanks Nick. I have been in touch with Max.

I can help send me your contact information