MHP books

I have read Lonnie’s two books Deals on wheels and Making Money with Mobile homes. I have read Dave Reynold’s book MH park investing. I am looking for more information, particularly on MH Park investing and MH as rentals. Any book or course reccs?

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Jeff Peisner

there are a TON of great books on the subject. Ernest Tew, Steve Case, Ray Alcorn spring to mind at once. Check Books and Courses button on left for more info.

Why not take it to the next level and attend a few meets? Tony and Scott from CRE put on a great small Park and L/h bootcamp every August.

Steve Case and Corey Donaldson put on killer Bootcamps for MHP and SS one will be in 2 weeks I think…click on Upcoming Events button to your left on this page. MOM in Nov. FREE!! and MHM in the Spring I think.

For me, only so many books made sense before meeting others and making my own mistakes. Also, I find it very odd thast folks spend thousands before they even see if this is something they will enjoy doing and can make a buck or two on…



Do you know the specifics about the MOM in Nov at Daphne’s park? Dates, Times, Hotels etc.???

Jerry and I are planning on attending and hope to see you there.


in upcoming links. Am I missing something?

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Here is the link to see all the details about the MOM Meeting as Posted by Greg Mead 6/ 23/08.

Copy and paste the link into you web-browser and it should bring up the page

Alexander linked you and it will be a great MOM.

I haven’t checked with Steve, but I will tonight to see about putting in upcoming events…

hope to see you there!