Great speakers and a lot of info to digest.

Not many seminars have live music to match Jim’s gang of “Happenings”. Great show by all involved.

And with the inspiration still warm I set myself forward a dream of using my years in the contracting " trouble shooting " business, to benefit my family and new found associates. I think I will be a great resource as a park manager to. The resources for information on what to look for to protect our investments where only touched on and I look forward to learning more

Thanks again for the connections


I think this was the best MHM ever! The speakers were absolutely awesome, and we got so much new information! Many thanks to Steve, Corey, Blake, Sarah, and everyone else who contributed to the success of the weekend.

The networking with this group is the best, also. It is so good to see people that you only see at this event, and be able to talk with them like you saw them yesterday. It was great to meet some of the people that we had not yet met, but post on a regular basis, either here or on CREonline.

Jim and I will be well into park ownership and management by the next MOM meeting, which is earlier than MHM, but I expect we will have stories to tell then! (Maybe not as good as Daphne breaking John’s arm with a 2x4, but stories non-the-less! John, do you really thought anyone bought that one for even a second?)

For all who missed the event, you missed a great weekend!

I am looking forward to some great success stories from Jim and Ellen! Don, thank you for the feedback about MHM IV!