MH walls - repair or replace with VOG panels?

Most MHP owners have experienced trashed units after eviction or moveout. Sometimes the walls can be so bad it seems just easier to cover them rather than going through the scrubbing, mud/patch, sand,paint routine. Traditional paneling from HD or Lowes looks dated and is becoming expensive ($17/sheet). Where can we buy the VOG panels (and battens) that the MH factories use? Even if we had to buy in bulk it might be worth the initial investment (or share an order with another MHP owner in your area). Any ideas?



As I am unaware of your location, I don’t know if this company serves your locale: They are in Michigan and they cover Missouri to Virginia.

Wholesale Connection 888-544-9561

Now they don’t haul vinyl on gypsum, but they do stock vinyl on luan which is very useful for repairs…also a great source for trim and carpet for MH’s.

Usually, a MH supply will have these items.